Helping medics and the Ukrainian Army in its services to civilians


My name is Oleksandr Tsurenko, I am a DevOps/SRE Engineer (IT), originally from Ukraine, living in Berlin, Germany, since 2015.

I am currently volunteering to support medics and the Ukrainian army in providing services to civilians by providing them with cars and different types of equipment. I am very grateful for the support of my friends, family and colleagues for helping me in undertaking Mission #1, which I completed recently (please see Mission #1 report below). I created this website out of transparency, to be able to share reports with those who donated and would like to donate in the future.

Based on completing Mission #1, and following requests from Ukraine, I am planning to undertake my next Mission #2. I invite you to support this Mission which is in high demand right now!

Mission #2 REPORT

Date: 22.05.2022

Dear friends,

Let me start with list of the best people on Earth who donated:

  • Marijus K. - 200 EUR

  • Brigita S. - 100 EUR

  • Giedre V. - 50 EUR

  • Mariia A. - 50 EUR

  • Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels - 300 EUR

  • Anna M. - 88,16 EUR

  • Yaraslau K. - 96 EUR

We managed to collect 884,16 EUR in total and I thank you very much for your support, help and donations but unfortunately we together couldn't collect enough money to accomplish either of options set for Mission #2.

Unfortunately I couldn't foresee situation like that I didn't ask what should I do with the money in case of such cases.

So I decided to equally split and donate money to 2 foundations I personally know and trust:

  1. Serhiy Prytula Foundation

  2. Come Back Alive Foundation

The scope of their activities is very wide and includes help to Ukrainian civilians and to Ukrainian army.

Please find transaction confilrmations below:

  1. 442,08 EUR to Serhiy Prytula Foundation

  2. 442,08 EUR to Come Back Alive Foundation

I once again thank you very much and wish you all the very best.

Mission #2

Upon successful completion of Mission #1, I decided to pursue my efforts and reached out to those who know the demands and who I know personally. I wanted to be sure that help would be targeted and that I will be posted on the progress.

Here’s our shortlist of support needs for the ongoing Mission #2:

  1. Dr. Evgen Borisenko is asking for a 4x4 pick-up truck to evacuate wounded soldiers, as well as civilians, from battlefields and temporarily occupied territories. Such a truck in Germany would cost around 9000 Euro (diesel, manual transmission, good condition) and around 500 Euro would be needed to cover various expenses, such as fuel, temporary plate numbers and tolls in Poland.

  2. Lada Vvedenskaja - is a heroic mother of 4 who is actively volunteering to help different military units with military clothing, tools and military equipment. This unit is also in need of a minivan (i.e. Volkswagen Transporter T4) as the army is currently doing numerous activities to support civilians: from bringing civilians to hospitals to delivering food to elderly people and feeding abandoned animals. For all these support activities they need reliable and simple transport. One can buy a Volkswagen Transporter in good condition for around 6500 Euro. Additional 500 Euro would be needed for fuel, temporary plate numbers and tolls in Poland.

As you may see both initiatives are equally important and in case you would like to support them, please feel free to kindly donate. I will keep you updated on the progress through a report similar to the one I made for Mission #1 so that you could see for yourself that every cent was spent on helping Ukraine.

MISSION #1 (complete) REPORT

I am grateful to those, who kindly donated to my tiny initiative to help the Ukrainian army with a transport car and some other equipment and I'd like to share the report with you to show how your donations were spent.

Let me please start with the list of the best people on planet Earth who donated.

I won't expose any last names for privacy reasons.

Sorting in the order of donation time:

  • Valerii L. - 2500 USD

  • Maryna L. - 100 USD

  • Iaroslav L. - 265 EUR

  • Family C. - 900 EUR

  • Rafael - 100 EUR

  • Petra E. - 200 EUR

I thank you all folks very-very much!

So it all started on 24.02.2022 when Russia started the undeclared war against Ukraine.

As usual, Russia did that in the most сowardly way possible - by bombing people, peaceful cities and civil infrastructure at 4 AM while people were sleeping.

The very next day I used my personal car to help women and kids to get from Ukraine/Poland and Ukraine/Romania borders to their friends and relatives who live in Germany or close to Germany.

In just one week or so the governments of Ukrainian neighbouring countries really did a great job and those poor women and kids started getting more centralized and professional help with camps and transportation and my "services" became no longer needed. So I decided to help otherwise

One of my relatives has been serving in the army for 10 years so I reached out to him asking if his military unit needs anything I could buy and transferred to them.

He shared with me a list of some military clothing and tools they need emphasising they needed vehicles like VW Caddy or VW Transporter. They have military transport for war purposes but, unfortunately, quite a lot of civilian cars were destroyed by the Russian army and in the current conditions, the Ukrainian army not only fights against the enemy but has to deliver civil services (i.e. bringing food and other supplies for people, getting them to medical facilities).

So, I thought it would be a good idea to help these real-life heroes, reached out to my friends, family and colleagues to collect funds, and started buying equipment and looking for a car that would fit their needs.

buying Military CLOTHES and tools

On I purchased 81 items of different clothing which in total cost 2.264,73 Euro.

The invoice is below


On Amazon, I bought some equipment our soldiers needed. In total it cost 328.76 Euro.

The soldiers also asked for some knee protection which I managed to buy on for 191,88 Euro

buying the car

Due to the war situation military units are doing more and more civilian-related activities - bringing kids and women to hospitals, delivering documents, helping service people (electricians, plumbers, etc.) to get to their workplaces so the military division asked for a car that is simple to repair and is highly reliable: either Volkswagen Transporter of Volkswagen Caddy.

Unfortunately, for the budget I had, I couldn't find any Volkswagen Transporter but there were some Volkswagen Caddy options. I found a specialist who knows cars well and who could test the engine and transmission. We reviewed 4 different cars and I bought one in the city of Zeesen from the owner of Auto Arena Zeesen. He is Lebanese so unfortunately, he knows what war looks like.

Not only he provided the service at his own expense, but he also made a decent discount so the car in total costed 2000 Euro + 150 Eur for the temporary plate numbers with registration and insurance for me to leave Germany and bring the car to the Ukraine/Poland border.

Please ignore the colour, other volunteers will repaint it dark green.

A few days later the plate numbers were installed, and I picked up the car and brought it to Berlin.

I bought canned food in a supermarket (for 192 Euro in total) and also packed the car with boxes from other volunteers, who got to know that I planned my trip to the border and sent their boxes to me.

Bringing the car to the border

So after 12 hours of driving I reached my destination - city of Przemysl in Poland. Car was driving really well so I am really happy soldiers will have a reliable car.

I brought car to Przemysl and handed it over to a guy who has permission to cross the border and he brought it to soldiers.

Once car was delivered I asked fellow soldiers to make photos so I could share them with you stating that the entire mission is accomplished.

Final calculation of Mission #1

Total spent: 5367.37 Euro

2264.73 Euro - military clothes and tools

328.76 Euro - video-recording devices

191.88 Euro - knee protectors

2000 Euro - car

150 Euro - plate number and insurance

192 Euro - canned food

240 Euro - diesel fuel and tolls in Poland

Total donated by you, the best people on Earth: 3854.93 Euro

The rest between between these amounts - 1512.44 Euro - were donated by me.

Staying strong and wish you all the very-very best.